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Q:What should I know about insurance?

A:?International students at HIT for degree should purchase Comprehensive Insurance & Protection for Foreigners Staying in China of Ping An Annuity Insurance Company, Ltd. The self-financed student should purchase it independently during registration time. CSC students insurance will be purchased by the Chinese ministry of education. Insurance & Protection for Foreigners Staying in China includes life insurance, accidental disability insurance, accidental injuries insurance, outpatient and emergency insurance, and hospitalization insurance. International students should inform their supervisor immediately when accidental injuries occur or hospitalization is needed. CIE will then follow the agreement with insurance company for claims or to apply prepayment service. Documents to be presented for settlement of claims: (1)Copy of passport of the insured
(2)Copy of medical certificate
(3)Hospital treatment and drugs detailed
(4)Original of receipt
(5)Medical record
(6)Bank card information(copy of bank card and bank account name)

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